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young man with bottle of alcohol suffering alcoholism and depression

Suffering From Alcoholism and Depression

Alcoholism and depression often go hand-in-hand.  However, it’s difficult to determine which came first.  Is the person depressed because of the drinking, or drinking because of the depression?  Regardless, the combination is overwhelming for the individual and he or she...
Being a Recovering Alcoholic in a Relationship

Being in a Relationship with a Recovering Alcoholic

Many times a recovering alcoholic has no idea what a healthy relationship consists of because many alcoholics grew up in dysfunctional families with either one or both parents abusing alcohol. A person in recovery from alcohol addiction may have abused alcohol all of their adult...
Having a friend with an alcohol problem

How to Help Someone Realize They Have an Alcohol Problem

Helping someone who has an alcohol problem cannot be done if they are in constant denial about the problem. This person may actually think that they don’t have a problem. They may think that the amount that they drink is completely normal. Denial is very prominent in...
Alcoholism and drug addiction

Battling Alcoholism with Other Addictions

Addiction to one substance can be a battle, but when you are struggling with alcoholism and addiction to another drug, it can be devastating. Many people suffer from addiction to more than one substance. Polydrug use is a term used for individuals who abuse several different...
four people socializing without alcohol

Dealing with Socializing During Recovery from Alcoholism

How do you deal with socializing during recovery from alcoholism?  You have probably heard the popular saying in rehab circles: “Change your people, your places, and your things.” But the reality is that most of us cannot simply cut ties to every single person we...
teen talking to alcoholic parent

My Parent is an Alcoholic; How Can I Help?

“In the wee hours of the morning, I’d cower in bed listening to my drunken, alcoholic father falling over furniture.  If he wasn’t falling around, he was arguing with someone who wasn’t there.  Other times, I’d hear him singing along to one of his...

Manage Alcohol Dependence

Addiction is a brain disease characterized by craving for a drug, loss of control over consumption, development of tolerance and dependence, while simultaneously the repertoire of social functioning not related to intake behavior declines dramatically.

Alcohol Prevents the Body from Absorbing Nutrients

One drink of alcohol and at least 1 million cells will die and more with be damage to the point of not being able to function; let’s investigate this further. Alcohol causes primary malnutrition by displacing nutrients in the diet and secondary malnutritio...